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LJ-fic [Nov. 20th, 2006 . 12:18 am]
A Lily and James Fan Club


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Hello there! I just joined here, so I'm a newbie to the group :P I have a work of fanfiction that I co-work on with rhapsody. It's, of course, Lily/James, and it's a livejournal community-fic.

You can find it here: ourtrueloveways.

If you want, you can take a peek. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you did!! Also, constructive comments are ALWAYS welcome, as well as friends! We haven't done much pimping yet so only a few people are friended. (:

Drawn art is from glockgal. Manips by rhapsody. Our beta is crooked, who co-writes the fic rockstar_cafe with her friend Kate. If you like the pairing of Sirius/Remus you can check that out too. (:

[cross pimped to various L/J comms, so apologies if you see my pimping multiple times on your f-list]